About Us

Don has served as a community and political organizer, political and media strategist, campaign director, opposition researcher and field director for a variety of organizations. He firmly believes that anything he can do you can do better, so he wants you to get off the bench and be a citizen not a consumer.

He is an AP-Award winning writer for his WBEZ radio column and was once a well-regarded stand-up comedian, radio voice talent and playwright. Now he is a respected speaker and instructor in areas that include community organizing, criminal and juvenile justice, civil, labor and human rights, media and political strategy and campaign development. He has made a name for himself as an innovative strategist, creating campaigns that build grassroots support, leadership and organizational development, tied to aggressive radio and free media tactics.

Don was born in Texas and raised in Seoul South Korea. He attended Northwestern University before leaving early to run a successful comedy/theater company, and write and research for the Quaker Oats Company; after which he began his life as an activist, advocate and change agent for social justice. His unique ability to combine media/marketing expertise with organizing savvy and political acumen has led to a verifiable track record of success at a local, state and national level. For over twenty years, Don has played a critical part in the winning of a number of social justice campaigns. Presently he is the Principal at Koan Enterprises; a training, political strategy, policy analysis and advocacy organization that works in the background for civic engagement, human rights, labor rights and civil rights, both here and abroad.

He is not afraid of ninja, lives in Chicago, does good deeds for a living and is the keeper of two large and mischievous cats.