Public Safety Felicia Davis

Deputy Chief of Staff for Public Safety

City Hall

121 N. LaSalle

Aside from not being sure if the city has ever had this position in recent memory Felicia Davis has exactly both of the qualifications for any political appointment. One, she’s loyal, she worked on the campaign as an aide, she worked on the transition on the Foundation dime and then she smoothly took this gig that may have been created just for her. Two, she’s meant for the gig. What could be better than a loyalist, who used to be a cop and possesses a political background to be a liaison between police and a VERY political administration? I think she’s likely to do a great job... whatever that job is.

But who the hell is this Renaissance woman who can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a basil, garlic butter reduction while handcuffing some unruly patron to the wet bar? We went into the way back machine and came up with this from the Edwin Eisendrath for Governor campaign disaster. That’s right, here is a woman whose job credentials seem less than solid but I’m pretty sure she can do this job... whatever it is.

Public Safety Gary Schenkel

Office of Emergency Management & Communications Director

1411 W. Madison


After 9/11 he decided that everything he would do in law enforcement had to have a counter terrorism edge. Sadly, he’s not hunting for terrorists or even defending anyone against them. He’s running the city’s response to emergency calls from policing issues right up to alien invasions in city department that is so corrupt actual demons won’t take a job there because it would make them look bad. What this department needs is a proven administrator who can get a handle on this whorehouse. That’s probably not this guy if his stint at the Federal Protective Services tells us anything.


Let me make this easy on you… this is not the guy we’re looking for but he’s the guy we’ve got… prepare yourselves.

Public Safety Robert Hoff

Chicago Fire Department Commissioner

10 W. 35th St.


Robert Hoff is currently the Commissioner of the Chicago Fire Department (CFD) and the man knows his business as a fireman. Chicago’s Fire Department’s problem has nothing to do with putting out fires… it’s problem is that fact that it is shot through with the kind of racism that puts one to thinking of white sheets and night riders. Hoff is a 3rd-generation firefighter with more than 30 years of experience. There is hope that things are getting better,fire-department-black-leaders-102610.article.

But man, he has a lot to manage around race in an administration that doesn’t seem too interested in addressing the racial issue because they simply haven’t talked about in all their transition publications, propaganda or sound bites.

Public Safety Garry McCarthy

Chicago Police Department Superintendent

3150 S. Michigan


We have a new Superintendent of police in a city where crime is under control. In Chicago our murder rate’s is at record lows. Our crime rate is not insane.

What our officers have is an aggression/brutality problem… They don’t get on with community folks all that well… ... just like their new leader…

The highlights here make him perfect for the Chicago Police Department. He leaves with the ACLU looking into “police misconduct” i.e. brutality and with the community at his throat. He’s gonna fit right in here if we are to continue policing in the style of the 1930’s. Too bad we're noting going toe to toe with Al Capone anymore.