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Rhetorical Nonsense

There is nothing nonsensical about the real harm he has promised to unleash on our schools. That sounds biased but here’s who he hung out with BEFORE he got elected and then he hired a bunch of them. The reason why I KNOW he is engaged in ideological violence against all of us is because we already know what the best practices are in Chicago. Mayor Emanuel’s friends just can’t make an ideological profit off of it by shifting public resources into private hands.

Possible Problems

He advocates longer school days for kids, wants to have report cards issued on all schools and wants to bring Race to the Top to Chicago. He wants to pay for the idea by raising private money so that schools will compete with each other for the funding. What happens to the schools that lose and the kids in them? See how dangerous this is? I lose sleep over things like this. The thought of bringing the disaster that is Race to the Top to Chicago and make it our gold standard for schools should fill anyone who cares about actual education with pant-wetting terror. When you marry that idea with the idea of private donors funding that system; wherein schools compete for resources further privatizing our “public” school system, you should be reduced to near gibbering insanity.